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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard.

Aug 28, 2022

Authentic cowboys, well sort of, start us off. Mac McClintock left home to join the circus. Between that, and becoming a singer, actor, composer and poet, he did a whole stream of incredible jobs. Railroading in Africa, Mule train in Philipines and news gatherer in China. He was a devoted union man and wrote Hallelujah I'm a bum and Big rock candy mountain. Here he gives us The old Chisholm trail. Jules Allen sings Zebra dun. He probably was a real life cowboy at one time, driving cattle from the Mexican border to Montana. The Cartwright Brothers sing Texas Ranger. The tune and sentiment are familar. It's yet another version of The unfortunate Rake. Into Western Swing. The right key but the wrong keyhole- Cliff Bruner Texas Wanderers, I can't dance(I've got ants in my pants)- Rob Newman and his boys, Wonder Stomp- Texas Wanderers and Devil with the devil- Rob Newman and his boys. Bob Wills with Bob Wills boogie from 1946. Very rock and roll in my opinion. Jazz on 78rpm break with Teddy Wilson and his Orchestra. I cried for you- vocals by Billie Holiday and, a new favourite of mine, Blues in G sharp minor. Composed by Wilson. He was rated as the best swing pianist of his time. Back to Western Swing and Milton Brown and his Brownies. St Louis Blues. Great, trippy version, with a real tempo shift toward the end. In El Rancho Grande- Milton and Durwood singing in Spanish. From 1937, a year after Milton's death, Durwood sings If you can't get five get two. We finish with the wonderfully upbeat  tune from Virginian fiddler John Ashby- The 8th of January.