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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard.

Feb 10, 2021

A couple from Forgotten Songs favourite Harry Parry and his Radio Rhythm Club Sextet- Black eyes and Blues for eight. Three from another regular, Harry Roy- They're building another alley for Sally, There's joy in your heart coming home and Sentimental interlude. Wingy Manone is back. Love this one armed, hot trumpeter and we even get his great vocals in Manone Blues. Also up Kay Starr, Joan Regan and Felix Mendelssohn- he's accompanied by Roland Peachy on steel guitar. Humour, dated, from Clown Argo and Co and a comedy skit called a Gale in the night. Can find out nothing about them. Really quite bizarre is Alfi and Harry with The trouble with Harry. Its the conceit of Ross Bagdasarian, songwriter and producer at Liberty Records. Not out right funny but rather cool. Bagdasarian had a big hit with Witch Doctor under the name David Seville.  Freddy Mills, world champion boxer 1948-50, gives us a selection of singalong party songs. An all round celeb, films, TV and adverts, he was also a business man. He was found dead in his car in 1965. Verdict suicide, almost certainly murder. A much happier story is Ethel Smith, an amazingly good organist, who lived to 93. She gives us her biggest hit, Tico, Tico. Next a real oddity on a hand written MSS record label. They were the company that supplied record pressing equipment. What's the story behind this metal 78 of Get ready, get set, jump. Was it a sly pressing for a friend? A sample? Andy Iona, sounds Scottish but he was Hawaiian. Composer, writer and played steel guitar and saxophone. From him- Indebted to you. Lovely vocals on this track. A bonus record too, Charlie Barnet. Stay safe, stay positive.