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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard.

Feb 3, 2021

Blues upstairs and downstairs, from Nat Gonella, starts us off. Two Scottish numbers from Greenock male voice choir, with Loch Lomond and William Hannah with Caledonian circle. Hannah was a leading pre war accordionist and lived about 20 miles away from the Forgotten Songs studio in West Lothian. Also up The Avenue Tango Band with the rather tame, The golden tango girl,  Anton Walbrook, Benjamino Gigli, Carrol Gibbons and Benny Goodman, vocals by Helen Forrest. Three budget records: The Bluejays- Louise, Roland Blair- I cover the waterfront and, on a six inch The Victory label, The waters of kilarney. Frank Ferera is back with his wife Louise Greenus, Hawaiian Guitar duet. Early jazz from The  Happy six. Mr Sydney Coltham gives us a very refined song, which I think is pre 1920. Satya Chowdhury was born in Bengal, India and was very popular in the 1940s. Both starring and being a play back artist in many Indian films. Excellent track from Irish born Phil Green and his Basin Street band. He was long time arranger and conductor for Decca recorders.  What's that hammering? Ted Heath and Blacksmith Blues, vocals by Lita Rosa. Stay safe, stay positive.