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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard.

Jan 6, 2023

Hardly forgotten but Frankie Laine certainly doesn't get the credit he deserve in the history of pop. An astonishing 75 year career. Singer, songwriter and actor.  A big powerful voice that succeeded in all genres of music he tackled. Acknowledged as precursor to rock and roll. He happened to be a great guy too. Here he gives us- Some day, Love is such a cheat, The little boy and the old man( duet with Jimmy Boyd.) Your cheatin' heart and, of course, Blowing wild. Eartha Kitt starts us off with Cest si bon. Cherokee Canyon from Tex Beneke, Cherokee from Charlie Barnet. See what I did there.  An artist that Frankie Laine admired as a young man was Gene Austin, falsetto crooner and songwriter. We hear him singing- I've grown so lonely thinking of you and then two interperations of Austin- Skilkret's Lonely Road. Jules Bledsoe sings the original song that was used in Showboat. Bledsoe was the first  black singer/ actor to regularly appear on Broadway. He was the original Joe in Showboat. Mugsy Spanier takes the song, written in the style of an African, American folk song, and makes it a jazzy, blues classic. Big noise from Winnetka from Bob Haggart and Ray Baudec, two members of Bob Crosby's Bobcats. Legend has it they improvised its composition while the rest of the band were taking a break. A cool track, string bass, drums and whistling. Listen to  Baudec play the lower part of the bass with his drum sticks. Marvellous stuff.