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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard.

Aug 21, 2022

A good deal of Western Swing,  some early country and a wee bit of blues. Have to give I haven't got a pot to cook(1936)  another airing. Naughtiness from The Sweet Violet Boys. Jimmie Revard and his Oklahoma Playboys- Ride 'em Cowboy(1936). A Bob Wills song. My only Bob Skyles and his Skyrockets trabk on vinyl next- The Rhythm King. Milton Brown and his Brownies- Yes sir(1936). Chicken Reel Stomp(1937)-The Tune Wranglers. The also performed as Tono Hombres and sang in Spanish. Wonderful blues from Buddy Jones- Settle down blues(1939) Buddy recorded over 80 sides for Decca. On piano is Moon Mulligan. Not Max as I say 'on air.' Bob Dunn on Steel guitar. Amade' Ardoin- La Valse a Abe and Two Step Eunice. A pioneer of Cajun and Zydeco music on record. Much legend surrounds his death. It now appears he probably died of V.D in 1942.  A unique voice and great accordion. The Georgia Crackers-  Joe Diamond(1927). The duo also performed as the Coffer Brothers. Dupree's Rome Boys- 12th Street Blues(1929). A popular dance band number of the time, adapted perfectly for guitar and fiddle. Lil McClintock- Don't think I'm Santa Clause(1930). McClintock was a street musican in Clinton South Carolina and only recorded four sides for Columbia. Nothing is known of his origins or what happened to him. An obscure but talented artist that came and went. Frank Hutchinson- K.C Blues(1929.)  Hutchinson is considered the best musician and singer of white country blues music and recorded around 40 sides for the Okeh label between 1926 and 1929. He played the steel guitar using a pen knife as a slide.  He'd worked as a miner in Virginia. Died young at 48.  I love this laid back track and his wee shout toward the end. We finish with that man Milton Brown and Hesitation Blues.