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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard.

Aug 7, 2022

All part of my campaign to make the Welsh born band leader of the 1940s and 50s more well known. Twelve tracks fresh in and out the crate. Well wooden box. Big thanks to Rod Boyd for the donation.

First up- Oceans and Notions. Harry Parry Trio. Joe Deniz- guitar, Tom Bromley- bass, Roy Marsh- Vibraphone. Composed by Marsh. Harry Parry Sextet- Sweet Georgia Brown, My Blue Heaven, Alexander's Ragtime Band, Blue Lou, Java Joint, Doggin' around, Rose room. Travelling Blues- vocals Johnny Green. Boogie rides to Yorke- Piano by Jamaican born Yorke Desouza. He moved to France in the 1930s and England in the 40s. Excellent jazz pianist whose career faded away in the 1950s. Composed by Desouza and Parry. Great example of the talent Parry brought into the band. Viva Harry Parry!