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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard.

Jul 1, 2022

An old favourite to start us off- Frankie and Johnny. The best version, from Jimmie Rodgers. Then another variation of the Unfortunate Rake, an 18th century Anglo- Irish folk song. Here we have Bright Summer Morning from The Virgin Islands. Recorded in 1953, Viola Penn sings and plays guitar. He's back, Milton Brown and his Brownies- Fan it! and Goofus. Moondog with two tracks. An extraordinary artist and performer and composer. Genre defying. He performed on the streets of New York from the 1940s to the 1970s. Leonard Bernstein, Benny Goodman knew him. Charlie Parker was a fan and he influenced Philip Glass. He was blind, made his own instruments and dressed as a Viking. Brilliant. Back to a 78rpm and way back to 1918. The Six Brown Brothers, they were brothers, with When Aunt Dinah's daughter Hannah bangs on the piano. They were a Vaudeville act that all played saxophones. In fact they are credited with making the sax popular in the USA. Four in a row. Dallas String Band with Dallas Rag(1927), Jeeps Blues- Port Arthur Jubileers, Too tight Henry- Charlston contest part 2(1928) and Florene- Leon Selph and his Blue Ridge Playboys(1941). We had Georgia fiddle music a couple of episodes ago, now its Texas fiddle. Sally Johnson- The Lewis Brothers and the very scottish sounding Eck Robertson - Great big Taters. We go out with glorious 78s all the way. Josh white with I'm gonna move to the outskirts of town. A modern, more affluent take on the blues. White recorded quite a few tracks in London at this time, early 1950s. Bessie Smith with Muddy Water(1927). She's with her Blues boys. One of which was Fletcher Henderson. As if I'd planned it he's up next with PDQ Blues also 1927. We finish with more Western Swing. Adolp and Emil Hofner duetting on Swing with the music. I really hope you have been.