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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard

May 28, 2021

Falsetto voices, Australian and Geordie music hall and more budget record gems. Mr Hatherley Clarke (counter tenor)- Till we meet again, Florian Forde- Love me in the Lancashire way, Robert Woodville- There we are then, Herbert Payne- Blighty, Charlie Collins- Paddy Malone's Aeroplane, Fred Douglas- On the first dark night of the year, J.C Scatter- Blaydon Races, Randolph Sutton- if you're really truly in love and I met Sally by the seaside, Alfredo and his band-Cheer up and smile, Radio Melody Boys- There's happiness ahead, Sam Brown- Dancing with tears in my eyes, Jack Payne- The kid from Spain, Jay Wilbur- Miss Otis regrets and anonymous piano recorded in Biggars recording Studio, Glasgow in the 1950s?