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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard

May 14, 2021

George Formby- When I'm cleaning windows, Oi- Flanagan and Allen, actually that turns into Underneath the arches. Their most famous song. Roy Fox, vocals Buddy Clark The treasure of Sierra Madre. This is the theme song from the Humprey Bogart film. Bob Crosby and Marion Mann with Never knew Heaven could speak and Speak to me of love. Jimmie Rodgers- Everyone's doing it in Hawaii and Frankie and Johnny. The magnicent Sophie Tucker with Life begins at forty and Nellie Lutcher with Hurry on down. Both delightfully naughty. Jack Hylton, Hoagy Carmichael, George Wettling, Hutch and Italian Samba from Tino Vailati. Johnny Duncan with The last train to San fernado. We finish with a uncharacteristically slow and moody number from Mugsy Spanier- Lonesome Road. One of my favourites from the 100s of records I've played on Forgotten Songs.