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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard.

Feb 17, 2021

An energetic start from Hoosiers Hot Shot and Ella Lou Robertson. Master Joe Peterson, Rex records own boy singer, or as described on the label: The phenomenal boy singer. Not entirely true as 'he' was Mary O' Rourke. Dressed as a boy for the majority of her career, she was still performing as a boy soprano in her 50's. Also Vic Lewis, Harry Gold and his Pieces of Eight, Harry Parry, Jimmy Bylthe's Ragamuffins and Flannagan and Allen. I have another Durium card record in the collection. Auf Wiedersehen my dear and Rain on the roof from 1934. Its Lew Stone, Al Bowlly and, I think, Nat Gonella on the second track. See if you agree. Thorley Waters was a British character actor and he sort of sings and talks his way through a song from a musical show from the 1950s called Gay's the word.' It was an Ivor Novello show and very successful at the time. Two from female US singers who didn't make it big. Don't know why. Mindy Carson gives us Barrels and barrels of roses and Cathy Carr, Please, please believe me.  Both excellent tracks. A great song from Ben Malone, I don't work for a living. From the early 30s, it was recorded by Hobo Jack, Carson Robinson and Frank Crumit. Who was Frank Malone though? He's described as a light vocalist on the Decca label. I can nothing out about him. A mystery. A forgotten artist, perfect for us here. Our oldest record is,  A paradise for two from 1917. It plays surprisingly well and is by the Royal Cremona Orchestra. There were a few Cremona groups and bands around at this time. I've learnt some thing new here. Not previously knowing that Cremona are a prestigious Italian maker of stringed instruments. Molly Picon career is certainly well documented. A child star in the Yiddish theatres of New York she went on to make Yiddish films in Europe and also performed back in the US on radio, Broadway and TV. Her last film role was as Roger Moore's mother in the Cannonball Run. On Forgotten Songs variety is the spice of life. Hope this episode is a good example of that. Stay safe, stay positive.