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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard.

Dec 25, 2020

Sort of a Christmas special but not really. Just warm, comforting and fun music. We hear from Fats Domino  La, La, Tommy Dorsey- I'm getting sentimental over you, Harry Parry and his Radio Rhythm Club Sextet- Dim Blues, Nat King Cole- My Flaming Heart, Eartha Kitt- African Lullaby, Perry Como- Magic Moments, Flanagan and Allen- Sending out an SOS for you and Hometown, John Kirkby- Only a paper moon, Harry Parry with vocals by Doreen Villiers- Don't be that way and Bounce me brother me a solid four, Mel Torme- Mountain Greenery and Hal McIntyre and South Bayou Shuffle.  Stay safe and have fun.

P.S Coorie is Scots for cuddle.