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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard.

Dec 18, 2020

Three artists whose voices were precursors to Rock and Roll.  Four from old Leather lungs or steel tonsils himself, Frankie Laine. Jealousy, That's my desire,  Tarriers song and Blowing wild.  Laine had a career spanning an astonishing 75 years. He successfully sang in so many genres of music and was a man with a keen sense of social justice. His good friend Kay Starr provides two tracks: Wheel of Fortune and I'll always be in love with you. Born on a reservation in Oklahoma in 1922 her heritage was very much native American.  She was singing on the radio at the age of 10. She's become a firm favourite of Forgotten Songs. Someone new to FS, Johnny Ray. Another highly distinctive voice. Ray was highly popular throughout the 1950s and although dropped by his US record label in 1960 his career successfully continued in Britain and Australia. He gives us: The only girl I'll ever loved and In the Candlelight.  Quite restrained performances from this often dramatic performer. Patti Page, another friend of Frankie Laine sings Sentimental music. We move away from the 1950s with two delightful tracks from the 20s Frank Ferera and John Paaluhi, Hawaiian Mother of mine and The London Accordion Band with It was a Tango. Lulu Zeiglar and Vido Musso give us another change of direction. We finish with the magnificent voice of Paul Robeson:  Just a wearin' for you and Eriskay love lilt. His bass baritone resonates with emotional in these wistful songs.  A lovely but slightly melancholic end to to FS51