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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard.

Oct 28, 2020

Its lurve all the way in episode 46. Frankie Laine start us off with a tale of passion amongst the oil fields, Blowing wild. Its a song full of sweep and crescendo, that certainly suits old 'leather lungs.' His good pal Kay Starr follows him. Both are acknowledged as having vocal styles that influenced later rock and roll singer. Connie or Connee Boswell with- This time its love, from 1933. An influence on Ella Fitzgerald, she was reckoned to be one of the finest Jazz vocalists of her time.  A first time play on Forgotten songs, Peggy Lee, with her biggest hit Mr Wonderful. Also Alma Cogan, Lonnie Donegan and Eartha Kitt. Two from her, Eartha being playful and wistful. I've put Hildegarde and Hutch together. I'm sure they would have approved. Noel Coward would have done. Check out his live version of Lets do it on YouTube. Hot Lips Page sings of his love, or fear maybe, of a very dominant women in My Fightin Gal. Roberto Murolo sings a Corsican love song, Tu Duorme Amorre. Geeta Dutt, a prolific Indian playback singer, with a track from the 1950 Gujarati film Gadano Bel. Sadly she died in her early 40s but still managed to record around 2000 songs in her career. Jimmie Rodgers also sadly died young at 35. Two from him, Frankie and Johnny, the best version, and Jimmie being very risque with Everyone does it in Hawaii. Yes, of course, a love song special has to finish with this one- Frankie Froba and the boys with Jimmy Atkins vocals, all together now: Love song in 32 bars. Stay safe out there.