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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard.

Dec 31, 2022

Goodbye 2022. A shorter than normal episode to mark the end of the year. Its party time, Its Scottish dance and song with a wee bit of help from across the pond. We start with Sir Harry Lauder and I love a Lassie. He was the first million record selling British artist. Fats Waller with You asked for it, you got it, Duke Ellington- It dont mean a thing( If it ain't got that swing.) Primo Scala- Grinzing. These are the fellas you want at a party to entertain. The Scottish Dance Orchestra- Highland Fling, Bobby MacCleod and his band- Bonnie Annie and McDonald of Sleat. We go out, naturally, with  Auld lang Syne. Recorded in June 1910 in London. P.A Hope is the singer. I always find it a poignant song but it seems even more so because this recording comes to us from so long ago. How the world has change in those 112 years. A big thank you to all who have listened throughout the year, from all over the world. Be safe, be happy, be healthy. See you next year.

We will back to a weekly schedule, starting on Friday 6th January at 6pm.

Miles Tubb-