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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard.

Jun 10, 2022

Up until now the Forgotten Songs ethos has been to show case forgotten songs and artists from all genres. It's been a real journey of discovery. I've been surprised by how much good music has been neglected. From this episode though I'm focusing on the choice of music. We will concentrate on Americana and American roots. Early folk, country, blues, jazz, boogie woogie, blue grass and, of course, western swing. This is our introduction.

Jelly Roll Morton- Oh didn't he ramble. 1939. Sidney Bechet clarinet. Next a four song sequence that shows the development of one song- The unfortunate rake. From its likely Anglo Irish origins in the 18th century to its crossing the Atlantic with early settlers to the US.  We have The unfortunate rake- A.L Lloyd singer, Alf Edwards concertina. One day in May- Holly Wood from a version collected in 1941 in Salem Virginia. The Streets of Loredo- singer Harry Jackson ( Wycomig version of cowboy lament in 1938). St James Infirmary Blues. Saunders King and Orch. Saunders on guitar and vocals. Composer Joe Primrose.                                                                   Songs all the way- Powder river, let'er buck- Powder River Jack and Kitty Lee. Bucking Bronco( My lover is a rider)- Mildred and Dorothy Good. Amade Ardoin- La valse de mon vieux village. Pearl Dickson- Twelve pound daddy. Missippii Matilda- Hard working woman. Doc Watson- Am I born to die? McCravy brothers- Dip me in the golden sea.  Milton Brown and his brownies- Some body has been using that thang. Sons of the west- Sally's got a wooden leg. Cliff Bruners Texas Wanderers- Kangeroo blues. The sweet violet boys- I haven't got a pot to...cook in.