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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard.

Jan 20, 2021

Even by the 1950s 78s were beginning see their dominance fade in the record market. Vinyl 33s and 45s was here. This though is a celebration of 50s shellac. To start we have the other side of the cracked Hot Lips Page, Randy Hall record from FS54, I tin whistle you. Earl Grant with Hunky dunky doo. Pianist, organist and singer. Sadly he died young at 39 in 1970. Lys Assia, Swiss winner of Euro vision in 1956, sings O Mein Papa. Also Eddy Arnold, Alma Cogan, Charlie Gracie, Fat Domino, Lonnie Donegan and Winifred Atwell.  Delighted to have Rose Murphy back, the Chee, Chee Girl. Surely one of  the most unusually voices of the 50s. Rose Brennan is back too, singing, as she did for many years, with Joe Loss. I think female singers and artist were really came to the fore in the 50s.  Hungarian born Eve Boswell gives us, Where you are. Love the fact that she started in the entertainment world in a family juggling act. Jill Day was hugely popular in this decade with her own TV show. She sings: Give her my love when you see her. Jim Dale, Actor, song writer, director, composer and star of a few Carry on films gives us a perfect piece of 50s pop in Be my girl. In amongst it all is Jack Scott, Canada's greatest Rock and Roll artist.  Two belter from him, Leroy and My True Love. Stay safe