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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard.

Jan 6, 2021

Lets bring the joy to a cold Edinburgh day. Eartha Kitt, Bob Skyles, Harry Roy and the McCravy brothers start us off. James and Frank McCravy are in a particularly joyous mood with Ring them heavenly bells. Brilliant close harmonies, fiddle and banjo. Two from Carroll Gibbons and his Savoy Orpheans. Vocals are provided by Anne Lenner and Lesley Douglas and Edna Kaye.  One from Geraldo- All of me, The Rhythm Kings- The girl in the little green hat, The Rhythm Maniacs- Baby, oh, Where can you be.  Arthur Godfrey was a massive star in the US on TV and radio in 1950s. He was a troubled, complex character whose 'folksy' image didn't really stand up to scrutiny. That said If I were on a desert island with you is a fun song. We have four records from budget labels. I keep referring to them as eight inch but two are nine inch. Confusing. Well of course the idea was to get the same length of recording on to a smaller record and charge less. We have on the Broadcast label, The Midnight Merry makers- Louise, The Radio Melody Boys- There's happiness ahead(Edison- Bell Radio label. On Woolworths own Crown 9in record, Rossinni's Accordion Band- How much do I miss you and The Radio Serenaders- Lovely to look at. An awful lots of these records had Harry Bidgood behind them. The penultimate record is Felix Mendlessohn, no not that one, the one who had Hawaiian Serenaders. Stay safe, stay positive.