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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard.

May 21, 2021

Softly as in a morning sunrise- Harry Parry, What is this thing called love- Tommy Dorsey, vocals by Connie Haines, Fine brown frame Nellie Lutcher, Let's play love - Bob Skyles, Beautiful dreamer Archie Lewis, Whisper again that you love me-Al Dexter, Ain't misbehaving - Hutch, Look at 'em doing it- The Original Dixieland Jazz Band(1919), You better watch yourself bub- Nellie Lutcher, The man I love - Sophie Tucker, It don't count - Harry Parry, Tip toe through the tulips with me- Solemn and Gay, Moonlight Waltz, I'm gonna die with a broken heart and my darling Texas cowgirl - Bob Skyles and his Skyrockets.