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Forgotten songs from the broom cupboard.

Feb 14, 2021

Three romantic favourites at Forgotten Songs. Frankie Froba was an American jazz pianist, active from the 1920s until the 50s. Here he plays with the Jimmy Atkins Trio.  Always makes me chuckle- Love song in 32 bars. We get properly soppy with our other two tracks. Nat King Cole with My Flaming Heart and Eartha Kitt singing Lazy afternoon. Both superb vocalists obviously, but I think these rank among their finest performances. Cole sang My Flaming Heart in the film Small Town Girl. The song was nominated for an 0scar in 1953 but lost out to Doris Day and Secret Love. The Nat King Cole Trio and the Nelson Riddle Orchestra accompany. Written by Albert Schubert, Barry Abbot and Ruby Toomb . Ruby was actually Rudolph Toombs, a prolific doo wop and R and B song writer. Lazy afternoon was written by John La Touche and Jerome Moross and was originally performed in the 1954 musical Golden Apple by Kay Ballad. Barbra Streisand covered it in the mid 70s. This song belongs to Eartha though. There is none of her characteristic playfulness here. This is languid, sensuous, serious and superb. Henri Rene provides silky, smooth orchestration. It certainly makes you yearn for a lazy afternoon. Enjoy, these are songs not just for valentines day after all.